According to The Heywood History by William Sweetzer Heyward, the first building in The Town of Westminster was a saw mill erected by Major William Brattle of Cambridge in 1736 in Narragansett No. 2 on lot 112. While visitors can no longer find that building standing, they will find in its place a grist mill dating from 1790. What remains of this historic grist mill is now part of the farmhouse which includes The Narrows B & B Suites located at 110 Narrows Road, a property rich with over 200 years of history.

Throughout the years, it grew to become a farm, an inn, a blacksmith shop and a machine shop before settling now as a private residence, including a bed and breakfast suite. The rock walls along the front were originally part of the cellar supporting a large chimney. Fish and fowl served at the inn were from nearby Wyman's Pond and the surrounding woods. While visitors no longer need to have their baths in the big tin tub using water heated on the wood burning stove in the back hall, nor be required to catch their own dinners in the pond or woods, they will still feel a deep sense of this history during their stay.

Over the years, the various owners of this vintage home have been part of the fabric of this small New England town, serving their community as local business people, Town Postmaster, Chair of the Library Board of Trustees, Historical Society President and Town Moderator. On the property, they have hosted musical concerts, garden parties, skating events and weddings.

Today the woods abutting the property remain a beautiful place for a nature walk. The pond remains a popular place to fish, swim, canoe or kayak. And Central Massachusetts is still one of the prettiest places in New England.